Food in the World Heritage City of Delhi

Street Food In Delhi

The historical capital, Delhi is a foodies’ paradise. From street food to international cuisines, Delhi, or as we lovingly call ‘Dilli’, can blow your mind in every expanse. Street food in Delhi is of course not a new buzz; the same has been recognised as one of the prime attractions in Delhi.

Sita Ram (Paharganj) – Chole Bhature

Delhi can provide you with the best chole bhature in India .The dish is known for its fluffy Bhature and an appetizing Chole, this make it the best street food in Delhi. And I am not going to share the secret ingredient we put in chole to make it more rich and appetizing.

Chole Bhature

Roshan Di Kulfi (Karol Bagh)

The dessert lovers will love this sweet savoury. The flavour and taste together make way for this delicious dish carrying caramelized milk and finely crushed granules of dry fruits.; now this is on top list of cold desserts.

Roshan Di Kulfi

Pranthe Wali Gali

This street or Gali is a foodie’s paradise, and as the name suggests, it means ‘The Parantha Street’ where one can be assured of the best variety of paranthas or the Indian flatbread. A healthy splash of butter and extravagant stuffing in the paratha makes it the best street food in Delhi.

Daulat ki Chaat

It is a sweet chaat made with milk. This sweetened milk mix is then blended with khoya and chenna. Served in donas, this nutrient-rich dish is topped with extra khoya and dry friuit with a pinch of  saffron mixture.

Daulat ki Chaat

Natraj in Chandni Chowk

You just can’t miss this most delicious street food in Delhi that we call dahi bhalla. The sweet curd and mix of sweet red and tangy green chutney on top of soaked dal vada. They are best to beat the heat of Delhi.

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