Restaurants In Delhi

Being the greatest HubSpot of some of the most exquisite cuisines, Delhi the national capital of India is proud to have some of the most unique and best restaurants within its lap. So in case you want to experience luxury at its best with the great food you are at the right place.

Indian Accent – Lodhi

One of the most romantic and one of the top restaurants in Delhi – Indian Accent is built entirely of glass. They have a magnificent interior with a classic ambience and a rich seating. You will absolutely love the décor here, for its so elegance and radiant. The chef Manish Mehrotra fuses local foods with contemporary international cuisine in new and unexpected ways, they touch the original charm but also have a touch of modernity. A must have dish at the restaurant would be Dal Muradabadi, Meetha achaar Pork Ribs and Chili Hoisin Duck Kulcha

Sevilla – The Claridges

If you are willing to spend some quality time, then Sevilla has the perfect settings for romantic dates, The interiors are beautifully done to capture the essence of Spain. It is a truly romantic place, the indoors and outdoors is provided to you with a free flowing, casual dining experience. When it comes to food, A must have dish at the restaurant would be one of the famous wood- fired pizzas.

Sevilla – The Claridges

The Spice Route – The Imperial

The Spice Route at the Imperial Hotels reflects the journey of spices from the Malabar Coast in Kerela through to Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Malaysia and from Indonesia to Thailand and Vietnam.

The whole restaurant took seven years in making it is completely hand painted with vegetable and flower dyes by mural painters brought in specially from temple in Kerela. The restaurant is designed on the principles of feng shui. The Spice Route boasts the menu that hook the taste buds of even the most seasoned food connoisseur. The restaurant’s courtyard transport to the wonderful world of Southeast Asia – adorned with traditional sculpture, it is a visual spectacle.

A must have dish at the restaurant would be Chemeen Thoren, Malabar Meen Kari and Vegan Ice Cream.

The Imperial

Bukhara – ITC Maurya

Bukhara has been voted amongst the best Mughlai and north Indian restaurants in Asia. The dhaba-like ambience and the absence of cutlery  ensure that you get a truly Indian eating experience. This restaurant is renowned for its rustic atmosphere, open kitchen, succulent kebabs and massive naan breads. The  must have dish at the restaurant would be famous Dal Bukhara (Black Lentils simmered overnight with tomatoes, ginger and garlic) has achieved legendary status.

Itc Maurya

Dum Pukht – ITC Maurya

This restaurants delivers a regal dining experience, with full royalty. It is made with marble and a lot of chandeliers have been used for decoration. They use  the most refined form of cooking from the Mughal kitchens in India. A 200 year old cooking techniques of slow roasting of meat in sealed pots over a very slow fame, so that meat is allowed to cook in its own juices. As you can imagine, it’s a non-vegetarian’s delight.

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