The Best Luxury Trains Around The World

Aeroplanes makes travelling faster and convenient, but they are little expensive as compared to other means of transport. Cars on other hand are convenient but its tiring for long journeys. Trains are still popular in many parts of the world, as they would take you to beautiful places that would be inaccessible any other way.

Earlier the only way to cross long distance was train travel, which is now replaced by speed of aeroplanes and convenient of cars. In some part of the world travelling in train offers travelers gorgeous scenic view and still brings them to unexpected and beautiful places that would be inaccessible any other way.

Flying on airplanes have become so trendy and common that most people have forgotten the beautiful old days of luxury trains. But lately there have been increased interest in luxury train travel all over the world. So, whether for the magnificence and extravagant scenery, high speed thrill, the soothing ease and comfort, these luxury train travel promises a magical and unforgettable experience. Luxury train travel has always been more romantic and adventurous than air travel. As it allows you get around freely and enjoy spectacular scenery while traversing on some of the country’s scenic route. Furthermore no one is going to nag you to fasten your seatbelt, off your laptop or blind your window.

The whole world from Asia to Africa, we have identified best five countries where the train journey is as incredible as the final destination, whether for the stunning scenic views, the luxury of the train carriages or the well-run routes the luxury of the train carriages.


India has got to be one of the best train travel experience in the subcontinent. It is said that India is a country which is a must see by train. It is believed that India has the largest rail network in the world.  Nothing quite beats sitting by a window, enjoying the beautiful scenic views of  nature passing-by your journey.

The whole experience of your train journey in India will be intense, colourful, confronting, uncomfortable, loud, exciting and wonderful.

India railways and tourism corporation, provide a variety of sheer luxury and ornate amenities train travel in India. These trains promise you an experience that would be “chaotically wonderful”. There are many luxury train in India like Golden Chariot, Palace on Wheels, and Maharaja Express train which have three eight-day itineraries and two four-day itineraries across the country. 


Even before the Bullet Train, these luxury train often known as “Blue Sleeper Train” were common across Japan. They were designed in such a way that they become an efficient way of transportation and also an experience of lifetime.

Trains in Japan are referred as the world’s most luxurious train. They bring old-school luxury to a technologically advanced railway. It also claim to being the country’s first luxury sleeper, with its first run in 2013.

There are many Luxury trains all over Japan, like Twilight Express Mizukaze where you can viewing the breath-taking scenery of western Japan from the comfort of your own room while traveling to your next destination and Seven Stars which will get up close to both mountains and the seaside, You will dine on with delicacies from the sea as you tour the island, do some beautiful sightseeing, and experience a ferry ride and a hot spring resort. Whichever luxury train you choose, your excursion in Japan is sure to be a trip to remember in your lifetime!


A wonderful way to experience Switzerland’s incredible scenery is aboard Swiss trains. Switzerland has received high praise for its unbeatable Alpine scenery. “Almost all train rides are extremely scenic”.

The Glacier Express is probably the most scenic,  iconic and luxurious Swiss rail journey there is! With undisputed views of the country’s most dramatic scenery, you can visit in winter or summer and still be impressed. Apart from glaciers (obviously), you’ll also be greeted by dramatic peaks, villages, fields, rivers and stunning lakes. The train takes you across 291 bridges, 91 tunnels, and 3 cities (canton) from Zermatt to St Moritz.

The Glacier Express is as beautiful as the resorts of St Moritz and Zermatt are, the journey that links these two Swiss jewels, It surely proves beyond doubt that it’s the journey, not the destination. The Glacier Express is especially popular with tourists from Germany, Japan and India.

The Glacier Express is an eight hour thrill ride, there’s so much to see and what you do gaze upon, through the panoramic windows, is for the most part, truly awesome and spectacular. The scenic view is varied and spectacular. The journey is beautiful all year round, so no matter whether you experience the journey is summer or winter, you’re assured of exceptional panoramas.

South Africa

First of all unlike many other luxury train journeys, Africa is among the few that we really feel are among the best luxury train journeys. Africa has experienced a resurgence of luxury trains, taking travellers through the spectacular African countryside in style. The emphasis is on style, grandeur and service, ensuring an unforgettable experience. A great addition to any South African itinerary.

Rovos Rail has gained a global reorganisation for its first class travel experiences as well as it remarkable train safaris. While on Rovos rail you’ll be experiencing Africa’s most incredible landscape aboard an authentically restored Edwardian-style carriage. It is also regarded as the most roomy train suites globally with en-suite bathroom and the trendiest facilities. The journey is dotted with awe-inspiring mountain ranges, arid desert landscapes, and savannah grasslands teeming with wildlife. The train’s best known routes is the Cape Town – Pretoria route. All it trips start or end at Rovos private station located in Pretoria.


Loons gliding across mirror like lakes. Jagged mountains topped with glistening snow. Dense pine forest alive with birdsong. Canada’s landscape are vast, unspoiled and inspiring.
One of the most famous and iconic luxury train trips in Canada, the Rocky Mountaineer provides an unforgettable experience. When you travel on the Gold leaf service, you will glide through spectacular mountain landscapes while admiring the scenic view from the bi-level, custom design, glass-dome coach. Along the way, you will be treated to gourmet meals created by executive chefs and made with fresh local ingredients.

The one week itinerary starts from Vancouver Canada, you will get to witness the

towering rocky mountains and many others of this country’s beautiful national parks. Here you will see the views of the rivers, forests and canyons are sure to mesmerize you in another two days of just daylight travel. Then, from Lake Louise, the journey will go on through mountains and to the town of Banff which is a resort town. Here, enjoy the outdoor activities and attractions like the hot springs before the tour ends with a transfer to Calgary.

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