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1 Day - Local Goa Lifestyle Tour

Goa is the smallest city in India, It is famous for its Beautiful beaches, the delicious food and Portuguese culture. This city is not just about beaches and parties, it is a cultural blend of spirituality, spices, seafood, sun and sand. This tropical paradise caters to all types of travellers, from backpackers to luxury travellers.


Cruising through the fresh waters of Goa

Sightseeing of temples and churches on the list

Pick and drop from the hotel

Pick and drop service from the hotel

Detailed Itinerary

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    Arrival at Goa

    Enjoy a delectable breakfast at hotel. Get ready for a full day lifestyle tour of the city. Your first adventure would be riding a bullock cart to give you the country-side feel. Next we go for a majestic ride on an elephant cruising through a water body. You will feel excitement gripping all your senses as you swim in the fresh water creating large ripples all around!

    Later we will take you to the well maintained spice planted gardens which look like a perfect blend of so many colours! But the the jewel in the crown will be the aromatic fragrance of fresh spices being grown and harvested regularly. Your next adventure would be a boat cruise after which you can enjoy a refreshing cup of local herbal tea as you go off-board. Not-to-miss the scene of men climbing and doing so much labour in collecting spices from the very tall Betel Nut trees. We invite you wholeheartedly to excurse Goa like never before in this itinerary as you get to see the local living style of people here!